5 Secrets Of Joining A Bootcamp and Actually Kicking Butt

Bootcamps are an awesome way in less than an hour you to get all the conditioning, toning and fat burning effects that will bring you closer on a dialy bsis to that dream body.

Here are the 5 of the best practices to achieve maximum results:


Plan your time to workouts:   We all know that our daily lives are packed full of things to do and obstacles will arise. Setting a raining time early in the week to complete all of your workouts will hold you accountable to a schedule and will help you train accordingly. Keep in mind that the hardest part is to stop but once you’ve started the hardest thing will be to stop, commit to at least a month, and don’t look back!


Mark it down:  If you have paper calendar already, write down your bootcamp days.  As a feel good benefit you get to cross them off when done.  This sets into motion the desire to complete what you started.

If you don’t have a paper calendar, head over to Google and search for the month and year you need and print off a calendar.

Whatever your method is, track your progress so you can celebrate your accomplishments.


Measure your self:  Why would you do a bootcamp? lol silly question.  You want to look slimmer, be more fit and get into those jeans that are a tad bit too tight.  So make sure to measure yourself.  Your waist, thighs, and hips will all shrink if you stick to your bootcamp.

Try not to worry about the scale, its the inches that count.


Find a friend:  If possible, it always helps to have a friend to climb on the bootcamp train with you.  It will motivate you to get through the whole thing.  If you can’t convince your fiends, try and find someone at the actual bootcamp to be-friend and make an agreement to meet up each time.

I find that not having their phone number or other way of communicating helps because you can’t contact them and ditch out with a lame excuse.


Add the secret sauce:  Its usually early when you do a bootcamp…I mean really early.  You want coffee, but then it will slosh around in your stomach, which is no fun when exercising.  To give your self a boost through the workout and day, get some Aminos.

I personally like Amino Energy by Optimum Nutrition.  You mix a scoop into your water and go.   Its tasty, gets your body ready for working out, and will give you added endurance.

Bonus tip: Set some goals for yourself. These goals should be something that measurable, and attainable for your workouts. These goals could be making sure you get in 3 workout week, beating your time from previous weeks workouts, or losing a dress or pant size.

No matter what your goals are set them before you being your training regimen and stick to you. In the end you can either suffer the joy of completion or the regret of not holding yourself to the standards you have set.

Have something to add?  Some secret trick to making it through a bootcamp?  Share it below!

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