Cleanse or Not To Cleanse


Is a cleanse right for you and your body?

Are cleanses safe to do?

What Cleanses Aim To Do

First, it’s vital that you understand what a cleanse is going to aim to do. Basically, when you do a cleanse, you are going to aim to get rid of all the toxic build-up that’s currently in your body that could be influencing the way you feel and function on a day to day basis.

The cleanse aims to put you into a much healthier state so that your metabolism speeds up, your body burns fat faster, and you just feel that much healthier.

Many cleanses will also promote better health, claiming that they can help to lower your risk of a number of different diseases.

By doing them, you are supposed to be positioning yourself for achieving optimal health as well as a healthier body weight.

Are Cleanses Healthy

Now, the age-old question – are cleanses healthy?

This is going to depend largely on the cleanse you are doing. One thing that you need to know right away is that most cleanses are very low in protein and in order to maintain lean muscle mass, you must be consuming protein.

serious red flags.

So any cleanse that isn’t rich in protein – as most aren’t – that goes on for more than a few days throws up some serious red flags.

While missing your protein requirements for a day or two isn’t the end of the world, do this for a week and you’re going to be in trouble.

When seeking out a cleanse, you should be looking for one that has you eating a very wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables as these foods hold the cleansing powers. Ideally it will also make room for some lean proteins in the diet as well in order to preserve that lean muscle mass and keep your metabolism running along more efficiently.

In addition to that, the cleanse should only last 3-7 days (if protein is provided) or 1-2 if protein is not. Any cleanse that goes on longer than this is not one that you want to be doing.

the cleanse should only last 3-7 days (if protein is provided) or 1-2 if protein is not

What To Know About The Cleanse Process

If you do decide to go ahead with the cleanse, just note that you will be feeling more fatigued than normal while doing it. This is the natural response the body has to getting in far fewer calories than it’s used to, so it’s important that you focus on resting as much as possible while doing the cleanse.

Try not to make your life too busy and make sure that you are sleeping at least 8 hours each night. This will make the entire process move along that much more smoothly.

So there you have the key points to know about doing a cleanse. While they can help jumpstart fat loss, they should never be used as a fat loss solution.

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