How Drinking Alcohol Robs Your Body Of Good Health

Do you enjoy going out on a Friday night with your friends for a beer to take the edge off work? Or, maybe you meet your girlfriends for a glass of wine on the weekend to relax and take in your evening off.

Whatever the case, you may want to reconsider choosing an alcoholic beverage to indulge in if you want to friends out drinkingpromote optimal health. Most people do realize that alcohol does contain calories and if you are aiming to see weight loss results. It clearly isn’t going to support your efforts, but most don’t realize the negative health impacts that alcohol can have as well.

If you are consuming alcohol in a regular basis, it can start to influence you in a number of ways.  Including robbing your body of key electrolytes, minerals, and vitamins.

Let’s look at why alcohol is such a harmful substance for the body so that you can clearly see why avoiding consumption is your best bet altogether.

Alcohol And Electrolytes

When you consume alcoholic beverages, that alcohol is going to act as a diuretic in the body, which is then going to mean that your body starts to retain water as well as electrolytes.

As the dose of alcohol goes up over time, this natural response to hold onto water and these key electrolytes starts to go down and if you’re drinking alcohol often enough, it may not be present at all.

In this situation, water and electrolytes will start to be excreted by the body, rather than being held onto.  This can cause a serious electrolyte imbalance to occur.

Potassium and magnesium balances will shift and you may find that you’re not functioning as well as you should.

Additionally, too much alcohol can influence the health of your kidneys.   The kidneys are also responsible for making sure that you are maintaining adequate electrolytes in the body as well.

Alcohol And Nutrients

Moving along, when you’re consuming alcohol, you’re going to be at risk for a number of deficiencies as well.

Alcohols show signs of deficiency in vitamin B6, thiamine, as well as folic acid, so these are three areas where you may start to suffer. You don’t necessarily have to be an alcohol either to start seeing the impacts of drinking, even a few glasses of alcohol on the weekend can start to have this influence over you.

Alcohol And Metabolic Reactions

Finally, remember that alcohol is viewed as a toxin by the body and as such, it’s going to alter your metabolism.

As soon as it comes into your body, the primary goal will be to metabolize it off so that it leaves your system. This means all other processes come to an immediate halt including any fat burning taking place or protein synthesis occurring to help you recover from a workout session.

So as you can see, alcohol is much more harmful than you may have thought. If you want to sustain the best health state as possible, you are really better off opting for a Shirley Temple, or better yet, a glass of water.

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