Skill Sessions


Skill sessions at PFD Crossfit serve two purposes. First and foremost at PFD we use these 30 minute individual session to train new community members how to safely and effectively execute proper exercise movements mechanics. Secondly we use these 30 minute skill sessions with our existing community members to brush up on skills like double unders or Olympic Weightlifting.

Personal Training


Looking for some individualized attention in your fitness routine? Not sure if Group classes are for you? Looking to rehabilitate an old injury? Or are you looking to train for a specific sport or competition? Personal training is perfect fit for all of these needs and more. With individual training design, nutritional guidance, and flexible scheduling a personal training package can be exactly the push you’ve been looking for to start accomplishing your health and fitness goals.

Small Group Private Training

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Perfect for 2-4 people looking to get the personalized attention of personal training at a more economical price to all participants. 

Group Crossfit Classes

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With over 20 class options throughout the week, and at a cost of roughly $6 per class our group Crossfit classes are our most economical option affordable to anyone looking to begin a health and fitness routine. 

Class sizes will range from 4 members to 16 members with an average of around 8 members per class. All classes will begin with blood flow, then mobility work. From there PFD coaches will lead members in muscle activation work, then stability work before beginning the prescribed strength and conditioning training. 

Not Sure Whats Option is Best For You?

Fear not, we have three exciting levels so you can train at the perfect level for yourself.

At PFD Crossfit we understand that no two people are the same, and thus their goals and fitness commitment levels are different. Because of these different training needs we have 3 different options of training routines, this ensures all of our valued community members can train together in the same classes without sacrificing any of their fitness demands. These 3 different levels of Crossfit training are: Health, Performance, and Sport.

Health– Our Health level is ideal for those athletes just starting out with CrossFit or are looking to stay active with some type of health regime. This level of training is perfect for those looking to train 2-3 times per week, working on rehabilitation from an injury or have a busy work or travel schedule. Workout weights will be lighter than the other levels, however more then challenging enough to improve all health and fitness markers.

Performance– The Performance level at PFD CrossFit is perfect for those that have been actively training for over 3 months, and can fluidly demonstrate all of the movements needed to excel in CrossFit, and are looking to take their training up a notch. Community members that participate at this level of training will usually train 4-6 days a week, heavier prescribed weights, and an accelerated progression to the goals they have established. At our performance level community members see a substantial decrease in body fat percentage, increase in lean muscle tissue, and continued improvement on all health and fitness markers.

Sport– Our Sport level is designed for those looking to participate in the sport of fitness, such as the Crossfit Open and other various CrossFit competitions throughout the country. Community Members interested in participating is this level of training must have a minimum of six months of consistent CrossFit training, be able to train up to 10 hours week, and have monthly meetings with a PFD Coach. Community members that choose this option must be able to track all nutrition, sleep, workouts, and additional training prescribed by their coach. Members choosing this option can expect heavier weights then both the health and performance levels, should expect to train 5-6 days a week for around 2 hours per day. This option will incur additional fees based on increased services, and will need to be approved by a PFD Coach prior to acceptance. 

Here at PFD CrossFit we pride ourselves on staying active in the community. We enjoy hosting frequent events for our members and making sure that everyone feels a part of the PFD family. You will feel right at home and welcomed with excitement as soon as you walk through our doors.

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